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Intelligent Farm

With the collaboration of LOHAS Biotech, NCTU and CiPAR, Chien-Chi Farm, a 9 hectare farm near the NCTU Tainan campus, is set to become a demonstration area for the AI and circular economy. CiPAR plans to set up a maker space comprising approximately 165 square meters and a trial farm over 2 hectares with crops such as jujubes, pineapples, soybeans, and green soybeans. Our agricultural robots will be assembled in the maker space first and then used on the trial farm to verify their functions, including pest control, fruit thinning, weeding, and harvesting, etc. until they conform to industrial standards.

Cooperative Fields: CiPAR is working with the following agricultural research stations:

ØFengshan Tropical Horticultural Experiment Branch

Fengshan Branch owns over 50.77 hectares of farmland, and its cultivation management mode is up to industrial standards. CiPAR robots will be testing functions such as laser-deworming and fruit thinning in the branch’s jujube orchard. With the help of their professional researchers, obtaining quality statistics will be feasible, and analyses will be highly credible.

ØChiayi Agricultural Experiment Branch

The Chiayi Branch mainly focuses on tropical and subtropical fruits. CiPAR robots will be testing harvesting functions in its pineapple field. Their research fellows will provide help with analysis and consulting related to the pineapple industry.

ØTainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station 

Tainan Station mainly focuses on upland cropping. CiPAR is supported by their specialty in soybeans and field weeds. The testing of precision weeding functions of agricultural robots can be achieved in the soybean fields.