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Trending with the world market, expanding industry collaboration, establishing knowledge and service branding

CiPAR has firm core technologies and the advantages of industrialization and interdisciplinary system integration, which leads to our four main capabilities: international market development research, agricultural machinery industry knowledge and analysis, research and development services, and innovation support and mastering of the global agricultural robot technology based on industry trends. These capabilities enhance CiPAR in terms of not only becoming a think tank that provides professional knowledge and technical services, market information analysis, support for new innovative teams, and identifying key issues for domestic research development, but also can become a bridge of communication between industry, government, and research institutes. We hope to introduce industry partners to assist entrepreneurs and to link international agricultural robot research institutions.

CiPAR 3 Primary Missions:

ØExploring international market and trends through agricultural robots and provision observation and analysis.
ØExpanding industry cooperation by visiting related entrepreneurs and creating linkages through holding regular seminars, on-site guidance, and professional consulting services.
ØEstablishing knowledge and service branding by nurturing innovative teams or companies through the application of agricultural robots and related core technologies that can influence future technological growth.